Sunday, April 18, 2010

Red Letter Days

April 27 Fly West
April 29 Derik and Ingrid's wedding
May 2 Fly East
May 8 Last day of classes
May 14 Graduation
June 1 Stars
June 2 Kings of Convenience
June 3 The National
June 12 Hediyeh and Pete's wedding


sara said...

June 21: Fly west
June 22: MGMT or CoCoRosie in Salt Lake City.

Mieka said...

Hooray for Graduation!! You are amazing!

hediyeh said...

so jealous you are going to Derik's wedding. also jealous you are going to see kings of convenience, they were sold out here before i could get tickets. but, sooo excited you are coming to the wedding. you will have to tell me about the national concert because im going in july. i miss you.

Jendar said...

april 27:my birthday