Thursday, April 22, 2010

Music is my boyfriend/my nyquil/my heart.

I have gone to 5 music shows in a week and a half. All while trying to finish my final papers/projects/presentations.

I am getting too old for this.


Street said...

Welcome to my world, Rach. Although, if I were in Boston, I would have been at every single one of those shows with you.

max everything said...

Are you going to the Apples in Stereo?

betty said...

Dear Max,

Quit stealing words from my mouth!


Your Wife

The question remains though Rachel. Are you going?

Rachel. said...

Dear Sarah,

Oh how I wish you could have been at the shows with me.


Rachel. said...

Dear Seawrights,

Tomorrow at the Middleeast? If tickets are still available I will likely go. That is, if I will see your lovely faces.


Your fellow DFAC member

e.p. said...

I just discovered how intoxicating good live music can be. I drove to DC yesterday to hear a man I barely met (meaning, found on Pandora) on Friday.

Jendar said...

wow! amazing.