Sunday, January 17, 2010


Bless bolt bus, and winter break, and trips to New York City. Bless earmuffs on blustery days, and gourmet licorice on every kind of day. Bless Ellis Island, and Lady Liberty, and ferry rides that make such sights possible. Bless sunsets over Brooklyn Bridge and Grimaldi's on the other side. Bless Patsy's (which I may like slightly more than Grimaldi's). Bless starbursts and Lindor truffles. Bless Becca, and Tay, and Bronson. Bless hospitality, and welcomings, and an abode at Cathedral Parkway. Bless Cafe Lalo, and Evelyn, and Francesco who still calls me Precious. Bless T. Time.


L'homme pressé said...

This feels like the antithesis of that scene in 25th Hour (the movie or the book) where the main character goes through every thing in NYC and tells it off. I love that movie. I haven't read the book. I should. I think this might be one of those rare cases where the film is better than the book.

e.p. said...

Bless you!

Jendar said...

i like patsy's except that is way more expensive than grimaldi's, which is why i vote for grimaldi's. i like this picture a lot. you two look beautiful together.