Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Tales.

Reading now:


Lauren Kay said...

Ooooh! I LOVED the Graveyard Book! I was happy to see that first on your list! I like it when you post books. It makes me realize how much more I need to read. I also read the Lovely Bones. Did you feel kind of weird reading it? Did it make you think of Brooke? Maybe I should write you a FB message...

Jendar said...

one hundred years of solitude is my favorite book.

Todd Langston said...

100 Years of Solitude.. Muy Bueno! Wonderfully written book, as are his other books I've read.

Todd Langston said...


Read Pablo Neruda's poetry.

Sam said...

So far, I've read:

"Rooms" by Neil Gaiman
"The Conscience of Sherlock Holmes" by Arthur Conan Doyle
"Arthur in Avalon" by T.H. White
"Psmith and Jeeves" by P. G. Wodehouse
"Road Trips to the Emerald City" by Frank Baum
"The Man Who Was October" by G. K. Chesterton
"The Merrie Comedy of the Redemption of Dr. Faustus" by Christopher Marlowe
"The Last Voyage of Lemuel Gulliver" by Jonathan Swift

And I'm currently reading
"The Emperor Over the Sea" by C.S. Lewis
'Alice's Journey Behind the Moon" by Lewis Carroll

Rachel. said...

Lauren, I also loved, loved the Graveyard Book. I did like Lovely Bones, and it did make me think of Brooke. My mom read it days before me, and was deeply affected for that reason.

Jendar, I recently finished it, and liked it.

Todd, p.s. I love the Pablo Neruda I am familiar with, and started reading more, as per your recommendation.

Sam, I love you at 3:00 am.