Monday, June 22, 2009

Winter Reads


Merinmel Caesg said...

I remember now, Sam had said that we should chat about Franny & Zooey while you were in town, since all three of us had read it.

Rachel. said...

he told me he was reading it when I was there, but somehow I got the feeling he hadn't quite finished yet. maybe he just never told me when he did finish. and I wish we could have talked about it. while a lot of it was frantic and sad, I found the end immensely powerful. I loved the telephone conversation between franny and zooey, and then the secret he told her, about seymour's fat lady:

"There isn't anyone anywhere that isn't Seymour's Fat Lady... And don't you know — listen to me, now — don't you know who that Fat Lady really is? . . . Ah, buddy. Ah, buddy. It's Christ Himself. Christ Himself, buddy."

I was crying I think, when I read those last few pages.