Thursday, June 25, 2009


I feel an urgent need to write everything down. To try to grasp the things I am feeling and experiencing. To simultaneously imprint them on my memory and clear my mind of them.

It is true for the things in my life that are beautiful, as well as the things in my life that are hard. This need currently motivates many of my hours.

I am also reading so much and sleeping so little. The two are only loosely connected. I read to remember that I love books, so I may in turn care more about libraries and want to study what I am studying.

I did recently realize that I love when my friends ask me what they should read, which realization gave me comfort that I may be cut out to be a librarian after all.

My friend Jessica is in Boston this day and for the next 6 days. Then 3 days after that I am joining her in Manhattan. For her birthday, and also to hear Conor Oberst play a free 4th of July show.

We spent this evening at the MFA. The first exhibit we looked at was filled with Japanese art. It made me think of Becca.

After filling my last few weeks with as much summer goodness as possible I am already a student again. Just one class. Literature of the Humanities. My professor is from Ireland and I like his voice.

Lately I have been so tired. Tired more than anything else.

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Jendar said...

Literature of the Humanities? sounds like a class I would love to take.