Monday, June 15, 2009

Derik is in Boston now.

As is Austin. Tonight's dinner conversation included, but was not limited to: The Villa, grandmas (particularly Betty Jo), depression era survivor's averseness to throwing anything away, Tom Bell's averseness to that averseness/his willingness to buy cereal costing $10 (or was it $15?), yoga, fast food/restroom camaraderie between Native Americans, Derik claiming to be a Navajo Rebel, Navajo folklore, which, according to Derik's parents, is all true, hammer pants, bowl cuts, Austin's father tragically denying him his elementary school desire for said bowl cut, pogs, L.A. Lights, and business dinner etiquette. All in all I'd say it was an insightful evening.


mrs. everything said...

Do you know if Derick went to SOAR at BYU summer of 2003 because he looks REALLY familiar

Rachel. said...

I don't know. but I'll find out. and also I hope you get to meet him soon, and that I get to see you soon!

Rachel. said...

Elizabeth- he didn't go. though he had friends who did.