Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On sickness.

I think I threw up 20 distinct times today. The latest being not that late ago. As a direct causation of that, my heart is still a little racy and my body is still a little sweaty. And I want my mom. Or I guess anyone to hold back my hair, wipe my forehead, encourage me to take tiny sips of water, feed me bland food (and/or popcycles) when I'm ready, and tell me it will be okay.

Spencer has been at school all day, so I have held back my own hair, wiped my own forehead, encouraged myself to take tiny sips of water (which I promptly threw back up), mustered all of the courage I had to again get out of bed and take a (thankfully) soothing bath, climbed on top of a chair to reach the Ritz crackers (which was the blandest food we had, and was, unfortunately like the water, not bland enough), and told myself it would be okay, despite the continued vomiting. I also managed to read several excellent articles from old dialogue issues. My favorite was by Claudia Bushman, and was on her "short happy time at Exponent II."

I am praying I will a. be able to fall asleep, and b. not feel wretched tomorrow. It is supposed to be a big day.


Little Lisa said...

Are you better today? I hope you're better today. I'm sorry you're so sick, the worst kind at that.

Newt said...

Aw Rachie Rach, if only I could hold your hair back for you and encourage you to drink water. You can do it. Sip. Sip. Little at a time. I hope you feel better soon!

Lora said...

Oh, sweet Rachel. I'm sorry you are feeling ill! Do you have cool tiles anywhere in the house? Last time I felt horribly ill, nothing felt better and more reviving than lying on the cool tiles in my bathroom and taking deep breaths.

Sending you wishes of healing and health!

kaci + tom said...

oh no!! this is such a terrible thing. i really feel for you.

wish i could give you the tiniest pieces of the blandest crackers in the world.


Rachel Hunt said...

You friends are nice friends.

currykim.com said...

Graham and I were sick a couple of days after you.
20x!! Being an adult human is so tough!!!