Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dance Yrself Clean.

Who: S and maybe 10 to 14 others.
What: Dance Painting. (And Scratchboarding. And Spin Art.)
Where: Somewhere in the vast expanses of LA. (Heaven knows I do not know the name of the place.)
When: Last Friday.
Why: For fun!!!! (And a much needed break from philosophy paper writing.)

It was a most magical night, filled with many more beautiful and delightful things, such as crepe eating, new friendship forming, and dancing around a smallish room, while painting on paper, walls, and people (all sadly un-photographed). Let your imaginations run wild, and in the meantime, enjoy my humble art made pre and post dancing. It might make me overly proud--likely because it is the first art I have created since I was a (middle school) child.


allyson elizabeth said...

this sounds amazing

steenblikrs said...

What a memory! That night was a much needed break from the rigors of finals and such.