Monday, April 18, 2011

Gotta get to the center. Gotta get to the concert.

Jenny Lewis opened, which was a) a nice surprise and b) reminiscent of NYC 4th of July two years ago, when she and Conor played in a park for free. She remains lovely, and he: darling. So, so darling. As many times as I have seen him play, this was the first time as Bright Eyes, thereby making my 18 year old self's dream come true(!) It was every bit as great as I imagined it would be, only happier. Who knew a Bright Eyes concert could be so happy? Not I. Not, I. I was strongly reminded of live music's power to endow energy. Somehow this is a big deal to me, because I'm not extroverted enough to get energy from other people all of the time. Only sometimes. Only close friends and small group times. Most of the other things that give me energy are the actual, physical things that are supposed to give energy, like eating and sleeping, bicycling.

I felt glad for days afterward.

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Cumorah said...

How I love a good concert. Glad you got to go. One of these days, Paul McDonald and The Grand Magnolias will be playing, and you will want to come with me, because you have learned to love him as much as I do. Until then, happy Bright Eyes.