Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Utah is lovely this time of year.

Something about the mountains, and the snow, and a dark green home by the lake, and another with a large front porch, and the public library with its ballroom, and hot chocolate at the hospital, and the people that I care about so deeply. I was filled with awe almost immediately upon landing in Salt Lake. During the drive to Provo I kept thinking, "The mountains are so beautiful. The mountains are so beautiful." Then when I arrived in Provo I was filled with love. So much love. Eden heralded my arrival by running up and down the stairs informing each person individually, "Rachel's here!" before proceeding to request my presence during every meal, every car ride, every dance, every watching of videos, every everything. Her commentary during the wedding may have been my favorite part (as sweet as the wedding was in itself). Mostly she would ask questions like, "Are they going to kiss?" and then add (when they did), "Oh, and they're hugging too." There was also something about how she hoped there would be music. Which there ultimately was. (Plus tea. Plus cake. Plus pastries. Plus yummy little sandwiches. Plus photobooths. Plus my nieces alternately running around as princesses and pirates. Plus toasts. Plus Charity catching the bouquet.) Both my brother and his new wife looked supremely happy. This made me happy, and grateful too. I am also thankful for my other siblings and siblings-in-law, who I do not get to see nearly enough, as well as for the wonderful traveling companions I had in my favorite architect and my favorite 92 year old grandma.

Thank you, Utah, for feeling like home.


Todd Langston said...


I think Utah is among thee best of thee best.

jendar said...

that last pictures is my favorite! you, spencer and your grandma. absolutely beautiful.

Rachel. said...

todd, agreed. always.

jendar, thank you. you are a sweet one.