Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 Things I love(d) about Boston.

  1. The baby shower celebrating one Merrimack Maple.
  2. An actual high school musical (courtesy of Rosie).
  3. Mormon church.
  4. (Early) Equinox.
  5. Vegan feasts: i.e., Veggie Planet, Grasshoppy, Spikes.
  6. Non vegan feasts: i.e., North End canolis, Tuesday's brunch.
  7. (Korean style) Karaoke!
  8. Seven+ second hugs.
  9. Nap time.
  10. Pup time.


      Newt said...

      It was so nice to have you.

      Rachel. said...

      You are a nice hostess. :)

      kaci + tom said...

      so wonderful for you to visit. now we just need to arrange for you to meet the mmw pup! at the very least she will have some good books to read. :)

      Rachel. said...

      so wonderful to be there. I would like to come again one day. very good books indeed. :)