Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Boston night, I ...

felt a little somber.
sat on fire escapes.
ate grilled veggies made with love.
(as well as vegan cupcakes also made with love.)
made heart shapes with Katie.
made faces with Beth.
went karaoke-ing.
walked home slowly.

*photos courtesy of the lovely Beth and Katie.


Newt said...

Fun night. Sad night, but fun night.

cate said...

Saying goodbye to places you love is sad sad sad but California is calling!

kaci + tom said...

there are no better people to spend a last boston night with.

Rachel. said...

Katie: Amen and amen. Still I am grateful that if we had to say goodbye that it be in our spot.

Cate: So sad. But a loud call.

Kaci: Agreed.