Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bike wrecked.

My bicycle and I had a hard go tonight. I was peddling down Washington Street on my way home from Whole Foods with grocery bag in basket. This would normally not be a problem, but because it was nighttime, and the height of the paper bag was blocking my light, it became a slight problem. I attempted to fold the paper bag down, while continuing to peddle. For reasons I am still unsure of, the previously trustworthy basket chose this moment to come undone. It fell to the pavement, and with it the paper bag and parcels.

Imagine: apples, vanilla soy yogurt, and olives strewn across the middle of a busy Boston intersection on a Saturday night... Absurd.

This initial fall was also responsible for causing the true catastropheI simply wasn't prepared for it. Afterward numerous cars pulled to the side of the road and passengers and pedestrians alike came streaming to my side to see if I was okay. They were kind. They picked up my groceries, my basket, my bike, me, and brought everything to the side of the road. Not a single car honked. (Somehow this was the most surprising to me, as it was in Boston, after all.) One woman offered me a ride. I told her it was okay, that I was about a mile from my house and could walk home. I did so, and on that walk discovered that my leg was bleeding.

That was the worst of my personal injuries, so I felt okay. And it was one of those moments when it seems like everyone in the world is a good person. I love those moments.


eunice said...

oh no! but a sweet story. hope you are truly okay. and that your bike can be resurrected.

Cumorah said...

Aaah. That's so sweet. And seriously, such a surprise in Boston. I just told a friend last night that it didn't seem like people there were very friendly --- but I stand corrected. Glad you're ok.

bsa said...

Look at those Bostonites being nice! In New York they would have bought and brought you new groceries...that's just how we roll.

Jendar said...

i am sorry that you hurt your leg, but is always nice to hear these stories as it gives me hope in humanity.