Friday, June 18, 2010

Los Angeles, I'm yours.

I have an answer now.

I am 99% going to spend this interim living at my grandma's house in Los Angeles. I decided one night while talking to my oldest brother, who lives in southern California too. Maybe I was just happy to have reached a conclusion, but it was the best I have felt about anything in a long time. When I told my younger brother he responded that he feels like living at grandma's after college is a rite of passage for Hunt children that he somehow avoided, which is perhaps why he doesn't feel like an adult yet. And it is a passage for Hunt children, but only some. I will be the third to do it, following my two older brothers. This is not completely surprising, as I similarly followed them on serving a mission and attaining an advanced degree.

I simply feel that a home surrounded by avocado and lemon trees may be the perfect place for me to be right now. And also, I may or may not have prayed that the Lakers would win the championship as confirmation for my decision. Sorry, Celtics fans!


e.p. said...

This makes me so happy. I am so glad you know where your spot is! By the way, I have always loved the title of your blog and am slightly envious of it. Also, thank you for your beautiful comments on my little rag. I treasure them and they have helped get me through some serious self-doubts about my creativity. I believe what you said. Thank you for that priceless gift. And sorry for all the hyperbole; it probably negates itself. But, I mean it!

Rachel. said...

Westward ticket purchased. I did it. I am doing it. Thank you again for your comment/subsequent phone call/support.