Thursday, June 17, 2010

Curly Hair Club

The last few days have been really lovely. They feel like gifts. Jendar, Liz, and Jasie came to my city from Manhattan, and it was so nice to be with them. We even formed a club. Or really, we formed multiple clubs, but the first, and possibly most important, revolved around our mutually curly hair. (Others involved sunglasses, sandals, and picnics.)

Monday evening we ate at my favorite pizza place in the North End—Ernesto's—where the "sometimes owner"/mafioso, became taken to Liz, and graciously ended up giving us free food. We also enjoyed the rightfully famous cannolis at Mike's Pastry before calling it a night. Tuesday we visited the infinitely charming Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, ate free popsicles at my alma mater, had a picnic at Boston Common, rode the swan boats in the Public Garden, and strolled through Harvard Yard and Longfellow's garden, respectively.

At this point, we sat on the grass at Longfellow's house while Liz dialed various numbers, and in all sincerity said sentences like, "Hi. Is this psychic readings by Catherine?" and, "My name is Liz. I'm interested in palm readings..." Listening to her end of the conversation made me laugh, but I was interested too. We all were. So that night we had our palms read (of which I will write more later), before eating Spikes (!). It was a holy, holy day.

Swan Boats!


Jendar said...

such a fun trip rachel! and all thanks to you! you are wonderful and always love spending time in your company. come to my party!

Rachel. said...

it was so fun thanks to YOU! (and jasie and liz!) and I want to come to your party!

L to the I to the Z said...

I can't believe I just now came across your blog, Rachel! I'm so ashamed. Know that I will be a faithful reader from now on. And this Boston trip and all it entailed will remain a sweet, sweet memory forever! I'm so glad I visited before you move so far away.