Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Julian Plenti is...Skyscraper.

Hyrum: Hey Rachie. Have you heard the new Paul Banks solo album? (lead singer for Interpol recorded under the name Julian Plenti). Just came out last Tuesday. Pretty solid.

Me: Not yet. I just saw an ad for it the other day. I'm glad it has your stamp of approval and will now check it out for sure.

Hyrum: You'll really like it. Lots of good songs. Several songs are very Interpol-y and several aren't. A good mix.

Me: Awesome. Downloading it right now.

Hyrum: Okay. But you've got to buy the cd. Big difference between the two. Mp3s are the devil. You miss out on all the nuance. And this cd has a lot of nuance.


Rachel. said...


Hyrum: You also have to get tickets for Soulsavers in Boston at paradise something on sept 23. They are awesome and have a new album out soon. Go to myspace listen to Revival for proof. Their last album is in my top five of the decade.
Me: Sweet. I will go. Boston needs more of that kind of love.
Hyrum: Do you know the band? They're only playing like ten shows in the US. Fronted by Mark Lanegan.
Me: I know Mark L. thanks to you and my last visit to California, but don't know the band.
Hyrum: They have two videos on YouTube. Revival and Kingdoms of Rain. Dumb videos but great songs. I thought I burned the album for you.
Me: I do have it. My bad. I didn't realize it was Mark Lanegan too. I'm watching a live rendition of Kingdom of Rain.
Hyrum: I knew you had it. I wouldn't let u walk out of my house without such tremendous stuff. I've read the early blog reviews for their new album called Broken and it is supposedly awesome.
Me: Not surprising.
Hyrum: Pegah and I went to the Gutter Twins show which was acoustic. Another Lanegan side project. Awesomest show ever.
Me: Awesome. How long ago?
Hyrum: Six months ago probably. At a 200 person place. It was phenomenal. He has the best voice since Johnny Cash in my opinion except nobody knows him. You HAVE to go that show.
Me: I promise.
Hyrum: I would kill a man to have his voice. Or at least significantly injure someone to have his voice.

Jendar said...

im so happy that you blogged about this. i am in love with paul baks. so nice to know that he has a solo album.

Rachel. said...

and it is good. I listened to it nonstop yesterday. so far he is only playing two shows. one in london and one in ny. the one in your city is sept. 25th. I'm gonna try and come.