Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am drawn, I am drawn to the ocean.

  • Katie bravely and discreetly rescuing a man at the bus terminal who was unknowingly fettered by a trail of toilet paper, and the passing comment of a passing commuter that it was "straight from a 70's sitcom." Check.
  • Laughing the entire train ride with Katie. (Not about the toilet paper.) Check.
  • My jaw hurting from laughing so hard. Check.
  • Traveling (relatively) long distances by train always reminding me of Harry Potter. Check.
  • Putting on pajamas as soon as we got to Brian's, and Katie only doing it if I did it first. Check.
  • Pizza and ice cream everyday. Check.
  • Brian's dad telling incredibly funny jokes that were not purposefully jokes. Check.
  • Watching a beautifully sad, though not depressing movie. Check.
  • Cute bathroom/brushing our teeth at the same time moment. Check.
  • Waking up to find myself alone in the house, and then Katie downstairs sitting on the porch reflecting/journaling. Check.
  • Admiring the beautiful cottage garden we planted on our last visit. Check.
  • Wishing Julia was with us. Check.
  • 8 choices of cereal. Check.
  • Spending upwards of an hour teaching Brian the finer workings of facebook. Check.
  • Driving through charming, pretty woods, with charming, pretty houses. Check.
  • Wanting to be friends with everyone who lived in said houses. (Even the very conservative.) Check.
  • Introducing Katie and Brian to the beautiful band, God Help the Girl. Check.
  • My body being in Rhode Island for the first time. Check.
  • Running into the ocean with Katie twice. Check.
  • Fighting the waves. Check.
  • Beach reads consisting of a philosophy book and child's book (though I admittedly read little of either). Check.
  • Taking a long walk on the beach, which Katie later discovered spanned from Rhode Island to Massachusetts. Check.
  • Being happy to come home from the ocean. Check.


Jendar said...

where is this at? is so beautiful.

Rachel. said...

rhode island. south shore. and yes, so pretty.

Ashley A. said...

This post makes me happy. I want to go to that place. :) I love that picture of you on the beach. So gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

i love it i love it i love it!!!!!!!

julia wishing she were there too, check.

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