Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Birth stories.

My little babe is in between three months and four, and the other week I recorded her birth story, that is also my birth story.

What I didn't say, but could have is this:

+The week before C was born, we got to spend time with best friends.
+The eve before she was born, we got to eat Indian food with another.
+Another pregnant woman was present.
+Many jokes were made about the spicy food sending us into labor.
+It seems to have worked.
+But, it could have also been a storm.
+A very few contractions woke me up at night, but were gone in the morning.
+They came back when I ate my leftovers.
+Spencer ate indian food when he came home, but it no longer smelled good to me, and I asked him to stop. He didn't. (To his credit, he was also in for a long night, and he did brush his teeth afterward.)
+At one point, "Call the midwife!" was actually uttered.
+There were moments when I felt really alone.
+One of these was when I really was alone.
+Others were when I thought my midwives would be with me.
+That they didn't understand how fast I was progressing disappointed and saddened me.
+But I am still glad C was born at home.
+I would not have had that part any differently.


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