Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall feelings.

It always makes me miss Boston, and equinox celebrations, and Katie Baratta. This year it makes me wish I read books this summer, which I didn't. It also makes me wish I were in school, which I am--but only kind of. Only independent study with a professor who is in Switzerland when I am in Austria. Thankfully that independent study is of my own choosing, and so is on Kierkegaard, my love forever. I would also like to be eating spaghetti squash on a daily, or near daily basis with my lovely sister-in-law/friend in California, like I did last year. She recently sent me a picture of our favorite meal, and it filled me with a heart yearning I cannot explain. I miss (and don't miss) that particular fall for other reasons. We went on walks every day. We carved pumpkins. I always appreciate the crisp cold air of fall, the changing leaves, and abundance of fresh apples. On that front Vienna has been kind to me. Today I made a pie.


Merinmel Caesg said...


Cumorah said...

In my book, pie is as fall as it gets, so you are right on track. Gut gemacht! {someday, i'll be able to say 'in my book' and actually mean it! hee, hee}

Newt said...

I miss you (and Boston misses you). A day where you make pie is a good day. I’ve been making TONS of pumpkin bread lately.

Rachel. said...

Erin, you are always a sweet one.

Cumo, that will be a great day indeed.

My apple pie count is up to two, and my banana bread count is one. Maybe next I will make pumpkin pie. Katie Kate, I wish I could eat your pumpkin bread with you!