Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today I love...

+Happy birthdays.
+Happy Valentines days.
+Individuals who gift Bright Eyes tickets for the first of those days.
+Friendship gatherings involving crepes.
+Black dresses.
+Pink tutus.
+Heart shaped everything.
+Red and pink everything.
+Cupcakes for breakfast.
+Coconut water (also for breakfast).
+First day of Levinas class.
+Making a comment in that class, and feeling good about it after.
+Having Kant be okay today.
+Conversations over garden burgers.
+Peach pie.
+Lavender lemonade tea.
+Urth Caffe.
+Dining al fresco.



Cumorah said...

Oh, I hope you have a pink tutu. Do you? I want one. Every girl should have a pink tutu, don't you think? And today, and everyday, I love YOU. Happy day! xoxo

kaci + tom said...

happy belated birthday, west coast rachel. i'm glad to hear there was a lot to enjoy. :)

i second you on coconut water -- i'm going to have some on hand for when i'm in labor. delicious hydration.

Newt said...

Today I love... YOU.

steenblikrs said...

A weekend to remember. Pink Tutu's and longing for guacamole :)

jendar said...

hope you had a wonderful birthday! how does it feel to be 27? i'm kind of nervous to be that age...