Saturday, December 4, 2010

Things that are winter.

Blustery days.
Cold noses.
Breathing just to see your breath.
Wind chill.
Snowmen/snow angels/snowflakes/snow days.
Hats and scarves and sweaters.
Stockings hung by the fire with care.
Hot chocolate.
Apple cider.
Cinnamon and nutmeg.
Pine trees and pine tree smells(!)
Advent calendar.
Christmas music.
Christmas lights/Temple lights(!)
Christmas Eve.
Waking up early Christmas morning.
Family time.
Eggnog. Silk nog.
Ice skating.
Earlier sunsets.
Earlier bedtimes.
Closed windows.
Heaters turned on.
Blankets upon blankets.
New Years Eve.
New Years Day.
The day of my birth.
This scene (painted by Jess Ecker after a winter visit to Boston Common):


Newt said...

Oooh! A delightful list and a delightful painting.

Jacob said...

I am loving the reoccurring use of lists in your blog. Lists make me happy, and as Umberto Eco said lists are what brings order to the chaos of reality.

Rachel. said...

I love lists too. (Clearly.) And also I maybe am not up to writing real sentences these days. Maybe.