Sunday, November 14, 2010

The most beautiful thing/ode/poem that has been written for me.

Written in a g-mail chat sometime in September, after discussing GRE studying and my fear of math. It is the one thing that has brought joy to me in my efforts to tackle that portion. As I take the test on Monday, this has become important.

Jeff: math you beast... you shall be tamed
  your percentages and time tables shall no longer be a mystery
7:29 AM but be known.
 your word problems shall not confuse and disarm but tell what train will get there first or how tall that flag pole really is
7:30 AM math you shall have a bridle placed upon your snout
  and your power shall be a means unto me
7:31 AM I just wrote that
  what did you think?
  do you think Virgil would be proud?
  or ashamed?
7:32 AM glad that he was dead because it was so poor or glad that he was dead so he would not suffer the pangs of being out done?
  the sad thing is... he remains dead
  and nothing but the day of resurrection shall bring him back
  and on that day.... who knows where he'll be
7:33 AM he died just 30 years close to when Christ was born
  almost made it
 but he is still just left of the meridian of time
don't worry there is a way for him
I feel more coming on
7:34 AM oh math you rambunctious and overambitious and over anxious subject
  you think you hold the planets in orbit and mans foot on the ground?
  I say not
7:35 AM but you are merely a collection of scribbles in the sand
  that the ocean of time will wash away
  you are but a symbol of man's attempt to explain nature
7:36 AM you are a construct of man's thoughts
  not the actual force in play
7:37 AM that makes children cry when their little hand lets go of their balloon filled with helium
  as it floats away--- you should not gloat
  you math... aged sir... had nothing to do with it
7:38 AM you are merely the face book page for the real powers of nature
  what i'm trying to say Rachel is this
  there is no need to fear math
  you've got that math
  you know that math
  math is but a lullaby to you
7:39 AM softly spoken to lull you to sleep
  as you dream of philosophical greatness and where all those philosophical books should be properly placed on the shelves
7:40 AM and what books should be placed on the discard pile to be sold out on the street
7:41 AM where homeless people will buy them to create loft from the pages to keep warm during the cold nights on the park bench
  no no
  fear not the math
  math is but a subject that will work for your good
  so you don't get over charged at the barney's sale
7:42 AM when you buy things at 80% off
  and you realize that you can buy more
  and look more attractive then you already appear
  but I digress

Thank you JLB!


Cumorah said...

Good luck cute girl! Did I ever tell you how much I hate math? With all my heart. {although, helping Az & B with their homework makes me feel quite mathematically brilliant. they tell me all the time how smart I am at the subject. little do those cute little first and second graders know...}

GRE Test said...

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Jacob said...

This post made me smile. Math is a beast that needs to be tamed.