Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Recent Reads

Since Boston, I have read:

Reading now:


Jendar said...

i am so glad that you have been reading so much! me too! i have tried. sometime i feel guilty though, cause instead of reading my school assignments I find myself reading books that i like instead. but oh well. i definitely have to read those books by Junot Diaz. I have heard great things about him, and still have not read anything from him.

Jendar said...

p.s. what is that skinny bitch book about?

Rachel. said...

I'm glad you read. I haven't for awhile. except for the little prince, because its short, and has pictures, and is a kids book. and is my favorite. grad school is disgustingly time consuming.

skinny bitch is a pretty funny and surprisingly well written book that offers a lot of compelling reasons to become vegan/vegetarian. I think you would like it. maybe come to boston and borrow it?