Thursday, April 24, 2008

I think I'm going to Boston

I think I'll start a new life.

I really do think I'm going to Boston. I received a letter from a private school I applied to there, for a masters program in Library Science. I was writing my Tolstoy paper on campus when my sister called. It came in the mail. I asked her if the envelope was big. She said it looked like a letter, but thought it had fancy paper inside, and that must mean something. I told her I'd be home soon. I was. While I walked a multitude of thoughts passed through my head. I was so scared/nervous. It was awful. I didn't know what I'd do if I didn't get in.

I open the door to my house. Lia and Eden are at the table eating lunch. Lia hands me the letter. It's just a regular sized envelope like she said. She tells me she thinks the big envelope theory is a myth. I open it. She asks if it does have fancy paper. I see two sheets, not one. One sheet is yellow or some other bright, non white color. I thought that was a good sign. Thankfully it was. They were pleased to report that I was accepted into their program, and I was more than pleased to read it. I couldn't contain my joy. Lia cheered. Eden followed suit. That was the cutest part. Lia gave me a hug and then made congratulatory arm gestures and shouted hooray. Eden made the same arm gestures and also shouted hooray. Then Lia did repeated the motions but shouted congratulations. Eden tried, but doesn't know that word yet. Instead she started clapping and shouting.

There still may be one school I just may, may, want to go to more than Boston, but right now I feel really good about this, and Max and Elizabeth will be there, and maybe I'll live with them, and then Kristina is from there, and Derik goes a lot to visit his sister, so I'll actually see some of my friends. Jendar and Hediyeh will be in New York, which is so close. When I talked to Tom Bell about it tonight, he said that Hediyeh alone was enough reason to want to go there. He is right.

Oh, and about the actual program, I feel good about that too. My supervisor for my internship went there and loved it. My long questioning is over. I no longer have to ask myself: law school or library school. For right now at least I plan to become a hipper brand of shusher.

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