Saturday, October 6, 2012

"And in this moment, I swear we were infinite."

I watched the Perks of Being a Wallflower tonight, with a dear friend, a girl, who you might say is a "bosom friend," or "soul friend," if you said such things.

She was a perfect person to watch the film with, because she just finished reading the book (mostly by plane ride) yesterday. And it slayed both of us, in nearly identical ways. When we laughed, we laughed together. When we cried, we cried hard together. When I found myself pressing my hand against my chest, I would peek over in the near dark, and see my friend doing the same.

Again, it slayed us. (Or at least the heart part of us.) I believe in all of the right ways. Because it is a story like that. One that is happy and sad at the same time, and that has a kind of beauty and intensity that is rare. I first read it almost exactly three years ago, for a class, and stayed up approximately the whole night to finish it. Not because of class deadline, but because I couldn't put it down. (Making it one of three books that I have read that voraciously.)

When I did set it down that 5 a.m. morning time, I was a) done reading the last page, and b) laying on my bed sobbing. Which means that I shouldn't have been that surprised that the movie might have that same effect. Of that first read, I also remember that it stayed with me, in my thoughts and feelings, for a long time. I suspect that may repeat again. A last memory is that I had never experienced the things Charlie had, yet never had I felt more understood by, or like a literary character. It was a strange, but healing thing.

I was very pleased with the acting, particularly with Emma Watson's, as she did such a phenomenal job portraying a character very unlike that of Hermione, for whom she has become so well known. Other's acting was similarly strong.

The movie version left some things out (which all movie versions do), and added a few things (which many movie versions do). I felt that the things they took out and added were wise ones. All of the most powerful parts remained. All of my favorite scenes. All of my favorite lines. Especially and including the ones about feeling infinite, and of those, especially and including the first time, when Sam flies, under the tunnel, to the music. It was beautiful to read and picture on my own, but it may have been even more beautiful to watch it displayed, by camera light. (My one regret is that the teacher's character was not quite included as much as I would have preferred.)

My other favorite lines are inevitably about choosing the love we think we deserve, and then the part at Christmas time, when Sam and Charlie are talking about first kisses, and Sam says the kindest thing that anyone has likely ever said to Charlie, before kissing him.

I rode my bike home in the dark, to the music. And I felt infinite.


Evelyn said...

1) I love your blog posts.
2) I didn't know this movie was based on a book and I now need to add it to my reading list.

jendar said...

I wish I would have seen this movie with you...

Drew Danburry said...

I am excited to see this movie. Thanks for posting about this!

Rachel Hunt said...

Evelyn: 1) Thank you! I love yours right back. 2) It is, and it is phenomenal. One of my all-time favorite, favorites.

Jendar: That would have been so nice.

Drew: Yes! And welcome. :)

Sondra JB said...

I also loved the movie. I wanted to cry so hard at the end, but then the lights went up and I felt a little silly. It was a great movie.

Veronica said...

I haven't read the book, but I just saw the movie yesterday and I can't stop thinking about it.